Sunday Selfies

Dear Furiends, I did my selfie in  our newest Chewy box … hopefully, M and I will do reviews next week… Irma disrupted our schedule.20170908_222504.jpg

Despite a purrsuasive argument, Halo refused to join in.


Surprisingly, M had enough box time in the past week that he was agreeable… IMHO, his whiskers look purrticularly handsome.


AND I helped a cloud do a selfie, even though it was trying to escape!


Have a wonderful week, dear furiends.

Purrseidon >^.^<

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14 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

    1. I totally agrees, Lola. Since I’m younger and spryer than M is, one would think I could easily be ‘first in the box’… I think my brofur has ESP for Chewy boxes… >^.^<


  1. I love your casual box lounging technique, and Mr M is lookin’ mighty fine, and dare I say, one of his best selfies with decidedly superior looking whiskers.
    Now that cloud is a dead ringer for a dog we used to know, and like many dogs was always running around with ears flapping and mouth open… anyone would think stuff went in the mouth and came out the ears MOL
    Have a lovely calm and safe week.
    Doodle-Pip and purrs

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    1. You have a lovely, peaceful week, too, ERin. And thank you for noticing my whiskers. I had to be very purrticular with the lighting to get them to show up. =^.^=


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