Thankful Thursday

Dear Furends,m3

I’m including this post in Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop and I’m thankful that we have so many satellites watching the weather. I, purrsonally, purrfer hurricanes to things like tornadoes, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes because those satellites give us days, and in the case of Irma a week advance notice. They purrvide us with plenty of time to plan and purrpare. At this moment, our hurricane shutters are up, we’ve decided to stay and we have 5 gallon jugs full of water, which is for drinking purrposes, not bathing. Today or tomorrow, Purrseidon will snoopervise the staff as they harvest star fruit, persimmons and mangoes, which high winds tend to blow away. While she does that, I shall snoopervise our chef making cookies and brownies, which are excellent hurricane treats – for one thing, they do not require refrigeration and there is the possibility that we could lose electricity and the internet. Thus all the camping lanterns, candles, and things have been sorted out, already.

I am thankful that we are staying home for Irma… For Matthew, we retreated inland and I was forced to endure the attentions of Cricket, an overly amorous cockapoo … I am NOT that sort of tom!!! Being sociable and friendly with dogs is one thing, having the stuffings licked out of me is simply too much! Oh, the glare I gave her!

99df57c83891005a0ddaa69294a44b8aI am thankful that we are well stocked with provisions, have a competent staff and that I won’t be dealing with Ms. Cricket during Irma. Oh, and I’m also thankful that hurricane strength winds are unlikely here, though we will probably get a tropical storm.

Mr. M =^.^=

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  1. Be safe my friend and we hope the worst of it passes you by. It looks like it is coming right over us in Upstate SC on Tuesday morning. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

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    1. Kosmo, we have taken all precautions possible. Our house was built with the highest hurricane standards, so it is much safer here than being stuck in a vehicle on the road & as per the news, there are already traffic jams. I consider my home equal to that brick house belonging to the three pigs… the one the wolf could not blow down. Have fun helping your humans with your own harvest! =^.^=

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      1. I understand well you are staying at home, much better than in a car somewhere with thousand other cars. We know here also the story of three pigs and a wolf. Our harvest is over, mom got the last plums to the freezer today and my dad is building a new house for a hedgehodge for winter. Mom will take photos and show you.
        Sending POTP, it will tame Irma.

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      2. Ms. Kiara and her family will be stopping by a bit later today to help us finish our harvest of pomegranates, star fruit and mangoes… Pops then plans to make preserves with those mangoes (it is delicious!!!). Meanwhile, mom usually freezes star fruit slices and pom seeds. We will be busy-busy into tomorrow. =^.^=

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  2. Yael Ben-Ari

    A good thing you don’t have to evacuate. I have friends still stuck in traffic driving to Asheville, NC. You sound pretty prepared. Stay safe. Praying for everyone in irmas path.
    Yael from

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  3. mimi

    My prayers are with all in the path, which i hope turns east and takes it into the North Atlantic to break up. Never, ever do i wish a storm on anyone, and i’m glad you are prepared.

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