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Today, I’m meowing about reusability as it relates to space travel – specifically to reusability in the SpaceX program. I agree with Mr. Musk that things should be made to last, not just have a short life before becoming rubbish and/or adding to the debris which orbits our world. This past March, at the first test, the first stage touched down on the deck of SpaceX ‘s”drone ship”. They also recovered the payload fairing that protected SES-10 during liftoff and Mr. Musk said SpaceX might try to make the Falcon 9’s upper stage reusable as well. THAT would make SpaceX my purrsonal favorite…. I don’t like waste and approve of reusability.

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  1. My biscuit still burns over NASA discontinuing the shuttle program. Now we rely on other politically fickle countries to get our people up and back. With the whole chaos in Ukraine a few years ago – our politicians tried to play a hard line (not judging the response itself here) – but it’s a whole lot harder to keep the line when we have to beg Russia to bring our astronauts home. Kind of a tangential rant … but you mentioning re-usability (like the shuttles were) got me going.

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    1. Meowser, Momma Kat, I know exactly what you mean! I loved those shuttles, too, and never knew why they were retired. SpaceX seems to be doing a fine job of delivering supplies, but I never checked to see if they were capable of playing taxi, too. =^.^=

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