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Exciting news – TODAY ONLY The Chatterre Box Set is FREE to Everyone, not just those who have Kindle Unlimited!!! So, get your copy kazzas3today. (I believe Amazon defines ‘today’ according to Seattle, Washington’s timezone.)

The Chatterre Trilogy features Kazza, a magnificent, magical alien tiger and his human, Nimri, who is an herbal healer. Alas, the peace is disrupted when Larwin, a high-tech inter-stellar warrior’s space-fighter crashes. Cultures soon clash because Larwin only sees Chatterr’s resources as a way to gain power and prestige…rezaaa (3)

BTW, do NOT let the term ‘box set’ suggest that a box is included … ebook format doesn’t have a blessed scrap of cardboard. (I’m certain Kazza is as disappointed about this, as I am.)

The Chatterre Trilogy box set is made up of Star Bridge, Thunder Moon and Fire Island. (a trailer, which tells the basic story is below) While the titles are available individually, at your favorite online bookstore, the box set is only available on Amazon. If you don’t happen to have a kindle, you can download an app – this is free all the time, but the box set is only free today.

Have fun reading, my furiends!  Please remember that honest reviews are appreciated.

Mr. M  =^.^=


8 thoughts on “Chatterre Box Set

    1. Thank you Ms. Ellen! The set has already climbed to #33 in the first contact division. Once a book is in the top 100 of its division, it is much easier for readers to find. =^.^=


  1. ATCAD

    We just ordered our free set today. IF Mommy ever goes anywhere she will read it and hopefully tell us about it. Mommy doesn’t really like reading on her Kindle she likes books she can hold in her hands (she is weird like that) but does use the Kindle when she goes on vacation to save space. and when she is at the Doctors office or waiting in the car for Tammy to meet her so she is thrilled to have something new to read on there.

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    1. I, purrsonally, purrfer the kindle because I have some arthritis in my paws and pages are difficult to turn, but mom generally reads ‘real’ books… you’ve probably noticed that we have a lot of those in our house. Tell your mom thank you for helping drive sales up. Once a book gets into the top 100 of it’s rank, it is much easier for readers to find…. The set was #33 a bit ago. =^.^=


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