The 2017 Solar Eclipse



Dear Furiends,

Yesterday, I watched the sky with awe….. and forgot to take photos.

But, I found some excellent jpgs on the internet.

These photos were taken from all across the United States, yet most look very similar. I couldn’t help thinking how this incredible event puts so much into purrspective…. By this I mean that despite the disturbing news I hear about human conduct, yesterday humans from the West Coast to the East Coast all experienced this amazing event.

Dare I hope that everyone will realize that we all share this Earth, thus the smart move to to learn to get along and compurrmise?  ccebbeaf-0b3a-421d-a2e2-64eefd55a7cc

My furiends and I dare to hope this solar experience put things into purrspective and we continue to purray for humans.

Mr. M =^.^=

12 thoughts on “The 2017 Solar Eclipse

  1. What a gorgeous sight! I don’t have any fancy camera equipment – but I got a shot or two (nothing like these … just basic basic shapes). I’m reminded of how fascinated I am by the surface of the sun – I understand normal star processes by themselves – but not much about the interactions a star has with circling planets.

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    1. Purrsisely! Everyones prospurrects improve if we all work together and listen to each others’ opinions/thoughts/fears/hopes instead of spend our time thinking of what we’ll say next.


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