The Vi-Purrs Trailer

Dear Furiends,P1130873

I’ve created another video clip, and believe purractice continues to improve, if not make purrfect. Today, I’m shareing The Vi-Purr’s promo clip… It is Xander’s 3rd Sea Purrtector story (#4, if you count Latitudes & Catitudes, the free mini short story of about an event during his early kick-boxing days that brought him to the attention of Catamondo’s Council.)

The Vi-Purrs begins when The Daily Mews reports continued violence in the Domican Republic’s Purrtectorate.  

Mr. M =^.^=  ( as always, constructive suggestions are apurrciated)


8 thoughts on “The Vi-Purrs Trailer

    1. The Moreau problem begins in Purr-a-noia, which takes place in Haiti. When violence erupts in Haiti: Xander rushes to help the Haitian Purrtector restore peace. Once there, he discover things are far worse than he expected and Damon Moreau, a black warlock cat has cast a voodoo spell against the Purrsident…. catnip is also involved in that story. Poor Xander is hampered because Mischief, a one-month-old kitten is determined to assist him. (This kitten looks and acts like Purrseidon and coincidently, as I was writing that story, four-week-old Purrseidon moved in.) The Vi-Purrs got it’s name from another of Damon’s creations… and before the end, Xander will need to deal with that evil pair directly.
      Is that enough ‘more’? =^.^=


    1. Then I succeeded in my goal, but remember it is #3 in the series (#4, if you count the free short story, which is a prequel). In The Red Claw, Xander is in Jamaica for a catnapping, then in Purr-a-noia, he goes to Haiti to help with problems, which he discovers are caused by the Moreaus… that is the book where Mischief (a.k.a. Purrseidon) weasels her way into his life, thus fiction was mirroring my life). =^.^=


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