Sunday Selfies

Dear Furiends,

It’s already hot… and says we will have a high of 91 with only a 20% chance of rain, but 72% humidity… I’m not fond of humidity.20170506_163753 Thus, for today’s selfie, I’m sunbathing INSIDE the house, which is much more pleasant than being outside… unless I was at the beach, of course….

Speaking of that, my disobedient staff went there – AGAIN – without me!!! Can you believe their nerve?!? Just look at them walking on the jetty … WITHOUT ME!20170324_134222


20170324_134332 M agreed to join me with a Sunday Selfie, but he was outside, taking a sunbath and half-hidden in the grass… apparently, 72% humidity doesn’t phase him, or purrhaps humidity is why he tends to look fluffier than I do…M

Purrseidon >^.^<

This post is part of The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop – to see what some of our furiends are doing this weekend please, click here


21 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

  1. You have HOT!!! I would like to walk on that jetty and smell the sea.
    About the humidity, it has been raining the whole day, we have to have fire on the fireplace once a day to get rid of that humidity .
    Your selfies are great, as always.
    a cat in faraway Finland.

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    1. We don’t have a fireplace, but it would be wonderful to have in cool weather and/or to drive away the humidity. And, yes, that jetty is wonderful to walk on, the waves beat against the rocks and every once in a while spray goes over me…. >^.^<

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    1. I LOVE the fall! We don’t get much of that season… or winter … or spring, but we get a lot of summer and summer is the season for the beach… Did you notice that Master Munchkin went?!? He is my purrsonal human and I am supposed to be taking care of him, so not only did they leave me at home, they undermined my care-taking. >^.^<


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