Dear Furiends,

While I purrfer to write Xander’s stories, I realize that I occasionally need to let you know what is available, so today, I wanted to tell you know about Purr-a-noia, which is book #2 of Xander’s Sea Purrtector series. The story begins as tempers flair and fur flies when Catamondo’s Purrtectors enforce the new peace treaty with Dogdom. The worst fighting is in Haiti, so when the Haitian Purrtector asks for help, Xander de Hunter rushes to help Ms. Purrsey Lourdes.

Whispurring Winds sets anchor just before a festival, but not everything is a celebration and Xander quickly realizes that someone is organizing the revolt. Worse, catnip trafficking, witchcraft and voodoo might be involved and there even seems to be a plot to hex the Purrsident.IMG_20170722_192052

Will Xander be able to restore the peace?

So, that’s the basic story, what I don’t normally admit is that Purr-a-noia was the first book that Purrseidon and I collaborated on…. there is a lot more Purrseidon in the character Mischief than I’d like to admit…. they look alike, they sound alike and both have an unfortunate interest in water, but that’s not what I wanted to tell you. As I was opening books for a background (with the plan to have Ms. Munchkin be my model) Purrseidon realized the photoshoot was about Purr-a-noia, so she bombed it… IMG_20170722_192436

and didn’t want to leave, claiming it was ‘her’ book! 

Eventually, I managed to convince Purr and Ms. Munchkin to trade places…IMG_20170722_205218.jpgIMG_20170722_204033

At the moment, Xander’s e-books are 99 cents each at major retailers, though they’re a bit more through some overseas ebook sites.

If anyone is interested, I will add quick links  for the 5 most popular sites below -you can read the first portion free.

Have a wonderful day, dear furiends!

Mr. M  =^.^=

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9 thoughts on “Purr-a-noia

    1. It is a fact that I purrfer writing to promotion. I even purrfer editing and formatting to promotion. However, if I don’t mention my projects, no one will know and I also love to entertain people. I’ve been told my books entertain while sneaking in useful information.
      Since Purr likes to photobomb, IMHO, she should take over purrmotion… =^.^=


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