13227873_10206317397629834_1886694223_nDear Furiends,

Did you know that mint repels insects, so it’s good to plant around your house or have by your doors? I loved the ‘nip plant that that vile hurricane stole and I bring this up in a mint post because catnip is a type of mint. So 10253932_898047713550824_3526470196379477676_nfuriends, urge you to repel bugs from your home with ‘nip, but if you live in a hurricane area, put it in a pot, which you can secure inside…. Hurricanes apparently love it so much they steal it!.

Purrseidon >^.^<

PS: Mom wrote a post on ‘nip a while ago & included the following info-graphic:



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  1. What an informative and fun graphic! I knew catnip was a type of mint – but not that there are so many varieties. I find it odd most cats can’t stand the smell of mint (maybe it’s an issue of strength?) – but love catnip. Eesh. Can you imagine a catnip powered hurricane?!?! OUCH!

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    1. I am convinced that CAT 3, Matthew, was a ‘nip-powered hurricane. Not only did the wretched storm steal Purr’s prize plant, but it whisked away a lot of Ms. Kiara’s ‘nip, too… That theft continues to plague her this year…. Ms. Kiara owns Cat-a-bliss, so her business is ‘nip blends (if you’re interested, you can find her at I recommend the silvervine sticks or one of her blends that include silvervine if your cat/s suffer from arthritis. =^.^=


  2. mimi

    Any catnip plant that tried to grow here wouldn’t make it past barely peeking above the soil, i’m sure. Every one of our cats love it!

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    1. One of mom’s friends, who lives in TX has a lot of feral cats, who are fond of her catnip… she put chicken wire around them, but that only worked for a short time. =^.^=


    1. I wonder if mint spray would work to keep ants out of the kitchen …. my chef gets upset if she sees insects inside, but gets unreasonable when one wanders into her kitchen. =^.^=


      1. Try it! It is all natural peppermint oil. You can also use eucalyptus oil, lemon, or clove. They are all good for this. There are recipes for it online. I use it and am happy so far. Spiders…I want to keep them out! *shudder*

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      2. Mom hates spiders, too and I admit that they can be annoying. We have all those essential oils, except peppermint… I wonder if orange would work, as both lemon and orange are citrus. =^.^=

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