Light Pillars

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Have you ever heard of light pillars? (I hadn’t and strongly doubt they can be found in Florida.) You see, light pillars appear when  light (either natural or artificial)bounces off ice crystals floating close to the ground…. we don’t get that this close to the tropics. In this case of this photo from gplus1190376705.jpgNorth Bay, Ontario , the air was cold enough to so that the ice crystals formed in the air and the pillars you see are light reflected from the city’s lights.

Unless we get a massive climate change, I doubt I will ever see this amazing sight in purrson. However, I bet my dear brofur, Kosmo might be able to see light pillars some super-cold day next winter.

Mr. M

15 thoughts on “Light Pillars

    1. Can you imagine how magical the Arctic regions must look with their spectacular light shows?!? I was already impressed with those magnificent Northern Lights, but pillars of light, too!!! My fur is tingling and I’m envying Kosmo, my dear brofur, who lives in Finland… his sky view must be amazing. =^.^=


    1. You have snow, which give you better odds of seeing such an amazing site…. you also have prettier flowers and amazing birds…. I think I’d like to live in Finland. =^.^=

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