Healing Power of Purrs

Dear Furiends,20170422_113156

There is healing power in purrs and if you follow this blog, you might know that many consider me to be an accomplished purr-therapist as well as a writer’s muse. According to  blog.petflow.com, “If a kitty is a part of your family, then you are 40% less likely to have a heart attack.”   (If the kitty is Purrsideon, this might be because you are getting a lot of cardio exercise trying to keep up with a furball who seems capable at moving at Mach speed.) Fortunately for the staff, I am a calming influence, who can purr away their stress.

Petflow posted a fascinating infographic on why purring heals. (you will notice that it focuses on a cat’s purr, not one’s athletic ability – or lack thereof – to keep up with a kitten). Thus, as a purr-therapist, my purrs lower stress and reduce the risk of heart attacks as well as lower blood pressure. Purring also heals infection/swelling, and helps mend everything from torn tendons to broken bones.

Mr. M  =^.^=



13 thoughts on “Healing Power of Purrs

  1. Our felines are such gifts and they have the powers to heal in countless ways … from purring, to grounding … to focusing on something concrete outside ourselves … not to mention love. I have few doubts – I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for Bear Cat.

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