Owl Wings Could Help Make Quieter Aircraft

Owl’s flight is almost inaudible, and their wings are designed in such a way that they generate a lot of lift with very little flapping. Now, scientists from Chiba University in Japan and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China have revealed how inspiration from owls’ wings could help make quieter wind turbines, aircraft, and drones.…

via Study Has Revealed How Owl Wings Could Help Us Make Quieter Aircraft, Wind Turbines — Sparkonit


8 thoughts on “Owl Wings Could Help Make Quieter Aircraft

    1. Mom and Pops were sailing in the Bahamas about 10-11 years ago and were startled to look up and see a helicopter…. it was unbelievably quiet (apparently they are supposed to sound like a noisy eggbeater)…. They believe the helicopter belonged to the DEA or some other governmental unit and was looking for smugglers or something.
      Er, meow, my point is that Mom and Pops believe this technology has been in use for a while, but it was new to me. =^.^=


    1. I share your feelings about the loss of wildlife. IMHO a main cause of this, in our area, is mosquito spraying for the zika mosquito…. Seems like they might be killing off a lot more than mosquitoes. Birds and butterflies are getting rare and I loved watching them…. used to be flocks of birds, but I’ve only seen 2 in the past 2 days.
      Don’t see that on the news, unless the feature is about humans, who are too lazy to take precautions… Humans need to take responsibility for their actions and stop killing everything else!!! =^.^=


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