50 Unbelievable Facts about Earth

Dear Furiends,received_10212752257150532

I thought you might be interested in the 50 Unbelievable Facts about Earth, that I discovered on Pinterest… I, purrsonally, have difficulty thinking that the Earth is smoother than a bowling ball, but I guess it is a matter of purrspective..

Mr. M =^.^=



4 thoughts on “50 Unbelievable Facts about Earth

    1. I would, too, but then I recalled that 75% of our world is covered with that awful water, so it’s understandable that many things could hide in that dreadful stuff. =^.^=


  1. mimi

    It’s all quite fascinating, and i am especially awed by the amount of lightning that strikes the earth each day. If we could harvest and use that electrical power, i wonder what a difference it would make in our world.

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    1. I would LOVE it if humans figured out how to use lightening and the ebb and flow of the tides to create power – like the sun, these are natural and IMHO, much healthier for the Earth than drilling and some of the other extremes they go to for power. =^.^=


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