Friendly Friday Fillins


1. A recurring dream I have is more of a nightmare because somehow the arial spraying to kill disease-carrying-mosquitoes kills all insects, birds,and even more humans than that zika virus that’s supposedly the reason they are trying to kill the mosquitoes… horrifying!

2. Turn adversity into advantage.joining-770559_960_720




p11905593. My staff is driving me crazy! Would you believe that they had the nerve to go to the Keys on vacation for a whole week?!? They spent their rime kayaking and fishing!!!! AND they left me, er us, home with a sitter!!!!!! What nerve!!!!

4. Lately, I have been trying to figure out where I went wrong training my straff…. M is no help because he thinks staying home is great… I have it on good authority that Cricket and Sissy were included in their staff’s vacation. When I mentioned that to M, he got his whiskers in a curl… Apparently he still hasn’t gotten over his disgust about Cricket declaring her desire to lick him. If you are new to our blog, you can read about that here. chinese-998941__180

This post is participating in Friendly Fill-Ins, which is hosted by McGuffy’s Reader & 15andmeowing – on Thursdays, they asked these 4 fill in the blank questions:

1. A recurring dream I have is ______________.

2. Turn ______________ into ______________.99df57c83891005a0ddaa69294a44b8a

3. ______________ is driving me crazy!

4. Lately, I have been ______________.

21 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Fillins

  1. You always have such good points to think about and share. This new age farming is all about money. They are planning for the future or trying to feed the world. We have to find better ways to use our natural resources, as well as to farm. HUGS.

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    1. Exactly! IF an EMG hit, it would be terrible because most humans live in cities and most productive farms are ‘corporations’…. Those hybrid seeds are not my idea of progress, though I know that some will disagree. =^.^=


  2. mimi

    We do not take very good care of this beautiful garden of a planet.

    If there is water involved, i agree that it would be nice to include Purrseidon if it’s at all possible.

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    1. I would not have minded if my sisfur went on vacation. I, for one, was thrilled to stay home! I hate riding in cars. Saphera got left home, too, but she isn’t complaining, either…. It should be very interesting when the staff gets back. I, for one, plan to seek the solace of my box while she yowls at the staff. =^.^=


  3. David E. McClendon Sr.

    The mosquitoes are bad, but the sprays are worse. The spray does not seem to bother the mosquitoes. It does hurt the birds. Have a great week.

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    1. Exactly! Humans spray poison intending for one thing to happen, but don’t seem to realize there are consequences…. I do NOT like poison of any sort!!! =^.^=


  4. Thank you both for these great answers. That is awful that the poisons are kiling so much more than mosquitoes. I wonder what the long term effects will be on pets and humans.
    Sorry you didn’t get to go on vacation. I hope they went to visit Hemingway’s cats while in the Keys. Have a nice weekend! XO

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  5. I agree, M. The poisons are bad. It hurts all life out there, one way or another. The same with spraying crops. Did you know that there is a big name agricultural company growing grains with RoundUp already embedded in it? How could they possibly think that is safe for us to consume?

    Purr, it stinks that they went on vacation without you, but you could have adventures at home without them. Maybe the babysitter doesn’t know all the rules. Maybe she/he is like some grandparents that don’t honor the parents’ rules and would let you get away with stuff your staff wouldn’t. When the staff’s away, the kitties will play and all that, you know. 🙂

    Have a blessed weekend!

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    1. Meowser! I hid from the sitter then jumped out and scared her…. the reaction was very gratifying, but I still got left at home while they had fun in the water. Purr >^.^<
      Ms. Suzanne, I believe you might be meowing about Monsanto, which is not a company I approve of… they claim they are increasing food purrduction, but, as you pointed out, it is very possible they are poisoning it… I do NOT like poison of any sort because it is too easy for the effects to go beyond what was intended.
      M. =^.^=

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      1. Purr, sitter-jumping sounds like a very fun thing to do. 🙂 Maybe they will take you to the water very soon.

        Yes, that is the company to which I was referring. I just wasn’t sure it would be okay to say the name. From what I understand, they are trying to make it where people can’t use or collect their own seeds, which I think it totally wrong. We should be able to use and collect our own seeds and heirloom seeds should be available to us to use if we want to use them (I do want to!). It is a bad thing for a company to be in total control of the food supply.

        I do not like poison of any sort either. There has to be a better way to control all of the problems that they are tossing poisons and drugs at.

        Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

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      2. Ms. Suzanne, you and I think alike about many things. I make certain my staff uses (and saves) heirloom seeds. And while we do occasionally purchase seeds, we try to avoid hybrids. I’m sure they have fine qualities, but the second generation of plants can get very odd. … BTW, please do not mention my knowledge of botany to Purr – she loves snoopervising the yard care and I had enough of that during the years I lived feral. =^.^=

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      3. Mr. M, I’m glad that your staff uses and saves heirloom seeds. I hope that they will always be able to do that, even though the bad guys are trying to get that banned (as I understand it).
        Don’t worry, my lips (fingers?) are sealed. I won’t tell your secret. 🙂
        Have a blessed weekend.

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  6. The first one is important. Mr.M, it is terrible to see in TV they show how plants are dying just with a one drop. I don’t understand why they hate dandelions, they are so important for bees and butterflies love yellow flowers.
    Sister Purr, sometimes life is unfair, so just enjoy this vacation without your staff, use your imagination and find out something with what you can surprise your staff.

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    1. Kosmo, I don’t know why humans seem to hate dandelions, either. I, for one, love bees and butterflies, so think dandelions are an advantage in the lawn. As much as humans like sweets, I would think they would plant flowers for bees…. Humans can be very strange. =^.^=

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