Dear Furiends,14030752_10206893267946232_2032439153_n

It is summer and the pavement it HOT… If you go for walks, remind your staff that you should only walk on sidewalks and roads IF your staff would be willing to walk barefoot on them!!!gplus1208877355

This furiendly reminder I found on Google+ only mentions dogs, but – as you probably know – in our family, dogs, cats AND bunnies all walk on leashes, so I shall not confine this information to dogs…. It is true for everyone.

Purrseidon >^.^<



22 thoughts on “Remember!

    1. I’m glad you agree. In places with big temperature changes, much of the year, the pavement is okay to walk on, but even light colored concrete can get very, very hot. >^.^<


      1. Furry ones are great, particularly Mr. M… he is almost as good as Rom used to be. (Rom was my ‘best ever’ cat and is the inspiration for the Sea Purrtector series… M is getting very close to tying with Rom, which is a huge compliment.

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      2. portapatetcormagis

        Mr. M. is cool. But so is Purrseidon, just in her different way (don’t “know” Rom). They’re just their own personalities those furry ones 🙂

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      3. Rom passed at age 16 years ago, but we use his photo on the covers of the Sea Purrtector series and Latitudes & Catitudes, which is the short, free prequel to the series. In many ways, Rom and Mr. M are similar. Purrseidon is a very different cat and since the character Mischief is based on her, there is often a bit of uncertainty between Xander and his apprentice (Mischief).


      1. I suspect the fact that I am barefoot a lot of the time and have walked (tried to walk…) on hot pavement before alerted me to this potential problem for our animal friends. OW!

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