15 Cleaning Hacks

Dear Furiends,

Here, in the US, tomorrow is Father’s Day, so I expect many of your household are busy-busy cleaning…. I thought these tips might help and/or at least save you money on cleaning supplies.

Mr. M =^.^=

PS: to all of you who are fathers: Happy Father’s Day.

8 thoughts on “15 Cleaning Hacks

    1. I believe that big blue bottle is some type of bleach. The White one in the middle is white glue and the can on the right is shaving cream.. I can’t decide if I want to try this on my keyboard or not.

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    1. I have always used parchment paper for baking – works good for cakes and brownies, too ;-), but had never thought to use it on top of the stove. Duh!.. I’ll let him know & a happy Father’s day to you hubby, too!


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