R.I.P. Oreo

Dear Furiends,14089518_10206954851205775_31937777_n

With a sad heart, I tell you that Oreo Pence has crossed the rainbow bridge. Frankly, I never had the privilege of meeting this fine tuxie and in fact, I did not learn of his passing until he was gone.

Last week, Purr was saying how we cats needed a representative in the human’s White House to oversee things, so, on Saturday, I had a few minutes to verify that we didn’t already have one there. Alas, that building seems to be devoid of pets of any type.

However, during my moments of research, I learned of Oreo, who was one of Vice DB-JSecXkAAKAyvPresident Pence’s Observatory Menagerie. In this image, Oreo is with the Vice President, who honors him by wearing his own tuxedo. Note how well the human is paying attention… this is very encouraging. (article here)

On Saturday, Lady Karen Pence tweeted that Oreo had died, but she didn’t say what the cause might have been… he was only 13. Lady Pence tweeted,“Rest in peace Oreo, You touched a lot of hearts in your little life. Our family will miss you very much.”



The Vice President’s family still is being advised by a cat named Pickle and a rabbit, Marlon Bundo:

DB-JSeZXYAAlFqs.jpgLet us purray that the Trump family will get some good advisors, too.

Mr. M =^.^=


10 thoughts on “R.I.P. Oreo

    1. Exactly! IMHO, we furries help ground those who have wealth and power as well as encourage those who lack those things…. Of course, not all humans deserve to live with a cat, but many do. =^.^=


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