Sunday Selfies

20170506_163702_001saphera 20220170429_09371020170410_100149

This post is part of The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop – to see what some of our furiends are doing this weekend please, click here


25 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

    1. You obviously know how M dislikes cameras. I don’t understand his aversion – there is a fascinating red dot on the front when it’s turned on. >^.^<


    1. I am still working on civilizing Halo and he still is not trustworthy outside, but I shall make certain I get some photos of him…. M has Mondays and Tuesday, so purrhaps I shall do this for Wordless Wednesday…. >^.^<

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    1. Thank you! In case you didn’t realize it, M put that post together & caught Saphera and I when we were half asleep…. He can be very helpful, when it comes to posts and I guess I should be happy he didn’t include a closeup of the moon…. he is quite obsessed about the sky. >^.^<

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      1. He is very smart, but sort of boring to live with … would you believe that he purrfers to nap in a box than climb a tree, surf or even go for a car ride?!?!? >^.^<

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