String Theory

Dear Furiends,p1200888

Have you heard the term “string theory’? Do you know that it means? (Purr thinks it’s about mom’s yarn collection and her theories on how to get her paws on it …. NOT!)  In physics, string theory is a hypothetical theory in which one-dimensional objects called strings travel through space and interact with each other.

This jpg, which I discovered, explains a bit more about it. Isn’t science amazing, dear furiends?7194ac44802546fa1f4095e31efbed56.jpg

Mr. M =^.^+



10 thoughts on “String Theory

    1. I’m sure Bear and Purr think M is a poor excuse of a cat…when we can’t find him, he’s usually either in his box, contemplating something OR on the bookshelf. … I’d heard of string theory, but never researched what it might be.


    1. Don’t let your cats converse with Purr or Saphera …those two can open just about anything — Mom tried special toddler locks, but they barely slowed them down. the nice thing about this is that Purr almost always gives me treats and things, too…. The bad thing is that she gives treats to Saphera and undermines her diet…. =^.^=


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