Friendly Friday Fillins

20170506_163707_0011. My favorite cereal is the milk part, but the staff says it isn’t healthy for an adult cat… The Professor says I should tell you that he loves it when Honey Nut Cheerios get spilled.

2. My prom never happened… cats don’t have these things, but Ms. Munchkin will be going to the 8th grade prom. Does that count?

M43. The annoying thing about some humans is that they don’t seem to know what they think.. take the news, for instance: months ago certain individuals were angry at one man, and said he should be fired, but then, when he did get fired, the same individuals said that was wrong! I don’t know if they simply like to complain or what.

4. I cannot help Purrseidon civilize that angry bunny, Halo but hasenpfeffer stew is always an option.

This post is participating in Friendly Fill-Ins, which is hosted by McGuffy’s Reader & 15andmeowing – on Thursdays, they asked these 4 fill in the blank questions:

1. My favorite cereal is _________________.C7Ogl7eXgAIKZSw

2. My prom ____________________.

3. The _________________ thing about _________________is _________________.

4. I cannot help_________________ but_________________.

31 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Fillins

  1. I’m sure that the 8th grade prom counts, but I wonder why they would have an 8th grade prom? One of the best parts of proms is spending all those years waiting and looking forward to it. I hope she has a fun time. 🙂

    Maybe Halo will come around eventually. If not, maybe his/her nickname could be Pitchfork instead. 🙂

    Have a blessed weekend!

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      1. When our older kids were in middle school, there was an 8th grade dance, but they didn’t call it a prom. They just called it the 8th grade dance. We didn’t have one of those when I was in 8th grade.
        The other proms are just an excuse for a lot of misbehaving in a lot of cases. Not for everyone, mind you, but for many.
        Have a blessed evening. 🙂

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      2. Yes, they do seem to believe they are invincible, but IMHO, rules need to be made and then enforced if the children expect to grow up to their full potential. I’ve been forced to use the whacky paw on Purr and believe she benefited by the experience. =^.^=

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      3. I think some children believe they are going to grow up, no matter what reckless behavior they participate in. I agree completely that there needs to be rules and they need to follow them. Some children do not respond to “whacky paw” and other means of discipline need to be explored. It isn’t easy being a parent, that’s for sure. Each child is very different.
        Have a blessed day.

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      4. Whacky paw was always my mama’s first response to disobedience and sass. Unless we were disrespectful to her, Daddy left our discipline up to her. If he was around and we sassed her, we’d have verbal heck to pay, but he never hit me or spanked me. That was her joy in life. After awhile, I decided she was going to smack me anyway, regardless of what I did or didn’t do, so why not talk back? I wasn’t going to make it easy for her.
        Yeah, I know, I was/am a brat.
        Have a blessed night. 🙂

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  2. ATCAD

    Great fill ins. Yeah we remember when the people who are now complaining about C being fired were whining that he should be fired. You would think they would be pleased they finally got their wish. Mommy says those people are irrational and you are better offer ignoring them.

    Our favorite part of the cereal is the yogurt, Mommy doesn’t like the texture of yogurt but she likes the taste so she mixes it up with cereal to eat it.

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    1. True, I would never eat a family member, but if someone doesn’t behave like family, are they actually family or someone who simply shares my home – and makes chaos of it? =^.^=

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  3. messymimi

    Our cats don’t seem to care one way or the other for milk, but they love ice cream.

    You are right that some people are just never happy, and i guess some rabbits, too.

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  4. Alberto, my dear furiend, you are so correct about humans confusing our training methods with the the indecisiveness some of them display! Also, our training has the added benefit of giving them extra exercise. =^.^=

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    1. If you knew Halo, I wager you’d also agree with #4… have never, ever met such a cantankerous 4-legged … humans, yes, but not us sensible 4-leggers. =^.^=


  5. 15andmeowing

    Great answers from you both 🙂 Mr. M, you always make me laugh with your aversion to Halo. My cats love milk and get in line to score some from the cereal bowls. Have a nice weekend!XO

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  6. I had to laugh at hasenpfeffer stew … it’s been such a long time since I heard that term! My Mom joked about it when my brother and I got frustrated with our ornery bunny. By the way, I think people do like to complain. People always want to play the victim – and justify their own egregious behavior. These are the people who will never be happy. Mr M, you look just as handsomely distinguished as Purrseidon is beautifully adorable 🙂


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