Kepler-10b: A Scorched World

Dear Furiends, mtele
Have you heard of Kepler-10b?  If not, it is a scorched world, orbiting more than 20 times closer to its star than Mercury is to our own sun. The daytime temperatures are probably more than 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit (hotter than lava flows here on Earth).  Intense radiation from the star has kept the planet from holding onto an atmosphere, and if you want to find out more about it, please click HERE to go to NASA’s overview.ccebbeaf-0b3a-421d-a2e2-64eefd55a7cc.gif

Keep an eye on the sky, dear Furiends!

Mr. M =^.^=


13 thoughts on “Kepler-10b: A Scorched World

    1. And at the same time, our own world still has many mysteries…. Mom & Pop occasionally speculate on whether our scientists know more about our own moon or the depths of our oceans… =^.^=

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    1. We’re having trouble with WP notifications, too… AND our wifi has been giving us fits, too… Our contract is up with Comcast, so I think a change will be made before the end of the month… I even dare to hope for an improved speed. =^.^=


  1. We had AT&T. They were slow and unreliable. Xfinity has been great. WP suddenly is unresponsive. I logged out and in, several times. I cannot even type on their site. Letters do not work! R, L, and other letters don’t work. It is not my keyboard; I checked (after freaking out). One Blogger blog has Intense Debate comment system, in tandem with WP. I cannot comment on her after 6 years. I do not get it.

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    1. There are some blogs that I would love to leave comments on – and have – but they never show up. Don’t know if approval is really pending or if they just get thrown in spam or what, but do know I’m apparently banned from commenting. =^.^=


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