Plant ID – Need Help!

p1190563Dear Furiends,fower.jpg

This was supposed to be a double purple passion vine. Now that it is bigger, the leaves are huge and it is has little yellow flowers … I am guessing it is not what we bought. Does anyone have an idea what it could be?

Thanks for your help!!!  Purrseidon >^.^<20170420_093210.jpg20170420_093214.jpg20170420_093225.jpg


8 thoughts on “Plant ID – Need Help!

    1. True, it it a nice color, but the flowers blend in with the leaves…. the leaves are quite lovely, too. It just is not what we thought we had, so we’re trying to figure out what it is. >^.^<

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    1. We’ve had the purple ones, that you can use the fruit for jam and the big showy red ones, but the older this one got, the less the leaves looked like what we expected. For certain, that flower doesn’t look like anything we expected!


    1. The staff found it on Craigslist – and it doesn’t look like any Passion Flower Google knows about. Thus far, I’ve asked a couple people who love to garden and put my question into my post. If no one knows, my next step will be to ask a local Nursery. The leaves are magnificent, but that blossom is a major disappointment. For certain, if/when I discover that this is, I shall let you know! >^.^<


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