Science with Mr. M

Dear Furiends, lil

Did you know that in the future (and pawsably, not that distant of a future) humans might be able to power their vehicles with water instead of gasoline? I kid you not! (If you know me, you realize that I rarely joke.)

Scientists have known about the potential of water as energy for a long time and this article explains the chemistry behind it very well. In fact, this sort of energy is already being used by our Space Program and they use the type of Fuel Cellfuelcell pictured here: (IMAGE SOURCE: “Chemistry in Context” Wm C Brown Publishers, Dubuque Iowa, 2nd edition, A project of the American Chemical Society, ed: A. Truman Schwartz et al., 1997, Chapter 5 “The Wonder of Water”). 

If/when this technology becomes available to the average human, the estimated cost of a fuel cell hydrogen powered car would be less than half of their present gas models… I would also be a simpler (and less stinky) machine as well as environmentally friendly. Win-win, if you ask me!

Furiends, the future is looks like it could be very exciting, and good for our Mother Earth, too!

Mr. M =^.^=


8 thoughts on “Science with Mr. M

    1. I have very high hopes for this technology because I purrsonaly believe it will be much less toxic for our dear Earth. Thus, I shall be keep an eye on this as well as the stars. =^.^=


  1. messymimi

    This is something i hope happens soon. Also, i hope they find a way to convert our current automobiles to this technology over time, as that will make our use of fossil fuels for cars go away faster. Many of us cannot afford a new car, but saving up to convert an old one to new technology is doable.

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    1. I, too, would be very interested in someone offering ‘converter kits’ for current vehicles. I am not a mechanic, but it would seem logical that is a car can be a ‘hybrid’ and use either electric or petrol, the engines should be adaptable. =^.^=


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