Tummy Rub Tuesday

Dear Furiends, p1200107

I have never posted a Tummy Rub Tuesday post, before, but could not resist doing so, today.

Behold – Mr. M, who is sound asleep:

20170330_084803 Is that a fluffy tummy or what?!?

Oh, oh, he’s waking up!


Have a wonderful week dear furiends!

Purrseidon >^.^<


17 thoughts on “Tummy Rub Tuesday

    1. M LOVES to have his tummy rubbed, which is probably one reason why he likes that furminator…. I am not purrticularly fond of either that brush or having anything touch my tummy…


      1. Did you see my photos of Saphera’s last shed? After that, we got a furminator AND just the excess from her tail filled a plastic shopping bag!!! I am not sure what the correct word is to use for that. >^.^<

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      2. Despite the fact that Saphera was ‘found’ (VS known parentage), we assume she is part husky, which means she has fur that can deal with Arctic conditions. … We live in FL …. in this post, https://purrseidon.wordpress.com/2017/02/05/sunday-selfies-38/ I showed the problem all that fur gives us (twice a year)…. I weight 10.2 pounds… Saphera is 90-something and I suspect around 10-something of that is fur, which means that she sheds the equivalent of ME twice a year!!! Meowser, this is something you must experience to believe. >^.^<

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      3. Oh, geez! I feel for you! The Shelties shed enough. Our Collie, Cody, had hair like Saphera; he was 90 lbs., too. We started having him groomed when he was about a year old. He had more fun with them at “the spa”. Hugs!

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      4. If Saphera was braver and not so afraid of strangers, I think the staff would take her to a groomer…. Truth be told, she would make a ‘fraidy cat’ look brave. >^.^<


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