Not So Wordless Wednesday

!Deare Furiends,m3

On this not so wordless Wednesday, I would like you to know that I am NOT as anti-rabbit as my sisfur would have you believe. (I also assure you they are very tasty, but I do NOT eat furmily.)

I think Gunner might have a name change to Tanner….. the munchkins are undecided… They called him Rodger for a day, then Tanner the next day…. Maybe we should just call him Er.(Please note that I have NOT suggested that we name him Food or Stew.)

Halo seems to be keeping that name. Master Munchkin  said his halo was too big so he wears it around his neck. 20170319_174602…This is strange because he is the more active and a mega chewer. He chews on everything, including the clothes our staff are wearing, so he needs constant supervision…. (Again, I have NOT eaten him!)

Meanwhile, Er (a.k.a. Gunner, Rodger,  and/or Tanner) is a cuddler and only plays with his toys except when under mom’s bed, where his inner monster seems to get released. Oh, I must  also tell you that Er snuck up on Purrseidon earlier and she jumped straight up in the air hissed and ran. It was pretty 20170319_174842funny I would have loved to have had a video of that, so I could enjoy it over and over. (IMHO, it is Divine Justice since Purr has attempted to do this to me for years… unsuccessfully, I might add.)

On an unrelated subject, I love the furminator that was purchased for Saphera’s shedding issues! The staff brushed a cat size pile off me and it feels wonderful!!! Spring has come, dear friends!!! Wish we’d gotten this amazing brush to do a review on so I could give it ten stars (on a 5 star scale). It did a masterful job on Saphera, too. (got a whole bag of fur off her tail, alone!!!) (Purr shared the horros of her bi-annual shedding here.) Purrseidon, however is offended by the furminator and smacked the staff numerous times, when they tried to brush her.  The bunnies don’t seem to mind it, but I can not tell if they actually like it….  I forget who told me about this wonderful brush, but hopefully, you remember doing so, and accept my deepest thanks.

And that’s it for my catchup on this not so wordless Wednesday. Have a wonderful day, dear furiends!

Mr. M  =^.^=

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17 thoughts on “Not So Wordless Wednesday

  1. Sounds as if you are settling in to a new normal, Mr. M. and having fun at Purrseidon’s expense. We had some good laughs. Those Furminators are amazing, especially if you have long furs. We’ll be interested in finding out what ER’s final name turns out to be. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

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  2. messymimi

    Rabbits are amazing creatures, i hope you all learn to get along well soon.

    Congratulations to the staff for getting a furminator, i wouldn’t be without one for my cats.

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    1. Hmmmm…. I’m thinking that pupu sounds more like a fitting name for that pair than bunnies… I have never, ever seen two creatures that spent so much time fighting with each other! =^.^=

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  3. The Furminator IS incredible. I’ve used a slicker brush on Bear for his entire life … but after a tough shed/hairball season last year, I broke down and bought one for this year. I have no idea where all the fur comes from! Bear doesn’t like it as much as the slicker brush … but after a couple months, he’s not actively fighting anymore. Mr. M, I have to say you are such a handsome, regal mancat. Poor Purr … perhaps she’s learning that it’s not easy being an older sibling?

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    1. I must agree that furminator is incredible! I haven’t had a single furball since it arrived…. this is miraculous! As for Purr, she really, really likes the beige one and so does Saphera. I don’t think they’ll admit it, but I’m not so sure they actually know what to do with the gray and white one, who seems to being all the fights with his brofur.
      Times are certainly interesting and I shall continue to observe from a safe distance & not get involved… =^.^=


    1. Bunnies are at the bottom of the food-chain… they are rodents…. I am trying to accept my furmily’s idea that rodents can also be furmily… This might take a bit more time/thought. =^.^=

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