Sunday Selfies

Dear Furiends,20170319_174609

I am excited to have you meet my two new brofurs! (Mr. M is less than excited about them and is grumbling about letting the staff volunteer at the Humane Society on Saturdays… um, and he refused to purticipate, today.)




I  curled up with Gunner, during reading time and he is very cozy.






And this is his brofur – my new brofur – Halo.




20170319_174525Saphera has  not decided how she feels, but years ago, she lived with Nessie I hear they got along great but Nessie was already queen of the house, when Saphera moved in, so I’m waiting to see what she decides.


As I said, Mr. M doesn’t want anything to do with them… unless the chef makes hasenpfeffer stew, whatever that is….. (Oh, meow is me, Google says that is rabbit stew!!! I didn’t realize my brofur was so anti-bunny as family!) He is now giving them the cold shoulder and has taken over mom’s favorite chair…

Purrseidon  >^.^<

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34 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

  1. Awww..they are very cute. Poor Mr. M, they won’t neglect you because of the bunnies. Phoebe mentioned you today in her post. I love bunnies, I used to be a crazy bunny lady before I was a crazy cat lady. Cats are less work though and won’t chew your woodwork 🙂

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    1. Halo is certainly a chewer! Gunner is cuddly, which is why I like him best… the staff was told that they were 2 years old and bonded, but they fight all the time, so I have no idea what the people at the humane society consider ‘bonded’ to be. >^.^<

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    1. I agree! Gunner is a great little guy, but I gotta tell you that I don’t know why the staff named Halo anything as ‘saintly’ as that… he is more of a brat, though he does make ME look good by comparison. >^.^<


    1. I do not believe that M knows Mr. Fudd, but am beginning to understand why M seems to dislike rabbits… I have never, ever seen 2 furries fight so much…. One would think they were humans!!! >^.^< (They fight with each other, NOT the rest of us.)


    1. So far, so good, but I kinda think Halo might have been mis-named… Halos are angelic, correct? … I gotta tell you that I don’t think angels behave like he does.


    1. Saphera is a true mom …. it’s M that I worry about. He lived feral for years and claims he has eaten rabbit – squirrel, too, though he is absolutely no help with the ones that infested my oak tree. >^.^<


  2. What is it like to have bunny siblings, Purrseidon? Do you cuddle up to them? I would love a bunny of my own, but Dad says “No.” I think the Basset in my household would think it is a toy and try to destuff it, I’m afraid!

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    1. IF your basset ever saw a bunny fight (kinda like a kangaroo), I suspect he’d have second thoughts on destuffing it…. Don’t tell M that I said so, but I think Halo is a more fearsome fighter than Mr. M! The other one is nice and calm and totally cuddly… >^.^<


  3. How odd they were said to be bonded? Maybe its a dominance thing? Maybe one needs to go back (I know the sounds mean but…) Our buddies at the Daily Pip did something on rabbits recently……..

    I hope things calm down for you all!

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    1. The Humane Society told our staff they were bonded and they had to take both… I am now wondering if they merely told them that to get rid of them. Despite the fact that they were supposedly bonded, the HS kept them in different hutches, so I don’t know if their bond got broken by being apart OR IF they weren’t good furiends to begin with…. In their own way, each is very nice, but Saphera and I both like the beige one best…. very calm and snuggly. >^.^<


    1. They arrived on Saturday, when the staff returned from volunteering at our local Humane Society. And yes, Kosmo, if you wish to claim them as your brofurs, I am sure you are welcome… M is doing his best to ignore them and grumbling about rabbits being rodents, NOT furmily… He will probably eventually learn to like them. The beige one is very snuggly… Saphera adores him. IMHO, Halo (gray and white one) is misnamed, unless a halo means you like to fight with your brofur… Halo gets along with everyone, except his own bunny bro… >^.^<

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    1. The staff have had bunnies before, but been without any for years.. These are my first bunnies and I’m thrilled with them… M, on the other paw is doing a lot of muttering about rabbits being rodents, recipes for stew, and other rue things. >^.^<


  4. These are some super cute buns. They are the only buns we have ever had on Sunday Selfies, except for Speedy. We’ll be interested in seeing how everyone gets along as time goes by. Thanks for hopping. MOL! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

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