Friendly Friday Fillins

 p1. The oldest item in my home is the round-top trunk that the staff’s great-great-greats brought their things in when they immigrated to this country.

2. The oldest item in my refrigerator is condiments.



unnamed-33. My family heritage is unknown. Ferals don’t keep this sort of information.

4. My favourite family tradition is Sunday dinner. This is something everyone tries to make a priority, so 3 generations are there and that means lots and lots of table scraps.clover-883210_960_720

This post is participating in Friendly Fill-Ins, which is hosted by McGuffy’s Reader & 15andmeowing – on Thursdays, they asked these 4 fill in the blank questions:

1. The oldest item in my home is st-patricks-day-2070201_960_720__________________________.

2. The oldest item in my refrigerator is _____________________.

3. My family heritage is _____________________.

4. My favourite family tradition is _____________________.



16 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Fillins

  1. What great answers. That trunk sounds awesome. We used to have an old footlocker and a trunk, too. Moving, they were lost. I love the old family dinner tradition. We had that when I was really small. Before everyone lost their religion, so to speak.

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    1. Families seem to be very separated due to work, etc. being far away. My staff is fortunate that the ones who always pawticipate in Sundays live about 5 miles apart… other members join when they are in the area (and they often plan their visits to include Sunday lunch).BTW, the KFC catered picnic was a success & did yield bits of crispy chicken for yours truly. =^.^=


    1. I don’t know if it is valuable or not, but it certainly looks interesting… The only bad thing about it is that the staff will not allow me to get in it, even for a nap! Is that rude or what?!? =^.^=


    1. I’m not sure where it was made, but that branch of Pop’s family immigrated to the US in the late 1800s from Germany… however, prior to Germany, some also lived in Hungary and Germany. Mom’s mother’s family practically came from England on the Mayflower, while her dad’s family were Huguenots from France. =^.^=

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  2. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. That trunk sounds like a nice heirloom. Check the dates on those condiments, I thought I was good about keeping my fridge clean, but my ketchup and mustard expired in 2015. I love that you all have Sunday dinner together, that is special. Have a nice weekend!

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    1. Unfortunately, this week everyone plans to go to the park for a picnic (catered by KFC), but I dare to hope they will bring some scraps home. (Purr, the great adventurer, says she wants to go on that picnic…. =^.^=


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