Vi-Purrs by Jeanne Foguth. Book Review.

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Vi-Purrs by Jeanne Foguth, the Sea-Purrtector Files Book 3

Close your eyes , feel warm winds of Haiti on your skin. Suddenly you see a car,  a grey king cab, driving slowly. Behind the wheel is a man, a very hairy man, in the car sits two adult cats, one kitten, a rat and a chameleon.

Xander the Purrtector is, of course, there,  the other adult is Sharkey. Do you remember her from the Red Claw? She has already finished her education and is a Purrtector herself, too. The kitten is Mischief, the stubborn apprentice of  Xander. The chameleon is helpful Mars. The driver, Rufus, and the rat Scar are from the terrible laboratory of a mad doctor Moreau, who made weird creatures by mixing different DNAs.

Xander, “James Bond” of Catamondo,  is again in Haiti to find out that the explosion in the lab really destroyed everything, because they have …

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4 thoughts on “Vi-Purrs by Jeanne Foguth. Book Review.

    1. I thought Kristina did a wonderful job with the review – shared the essence of the story & characters, yet didn’t give away the plot. Particularly remarkable, since her native language is Finnish.

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    1. Thank you!!! I was very honored that Kosmo’s human did that, purrticularly when English is not her main language.
      BTW, IF I ever figure out how to get around your blog’s security system, I will leave comments for you. Alas, I’ve tried to do this several times and, to the best of my knowledge, they never get posted… I must figure out what I am doing wrong. =^.^=


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