Friendly Friday Fillins


1. I wish learning to think for oneself would come back in style. (It seems like schools only teach how to pass tests, not why things are the way they are.)

2. I always have s collection of catnip toys in my purse basket (or wallet for men).


P1180468 3. I think that I would like to visit Finland and meet our brofur, Kosmo, in the fur.

4. A sisfur taking my silvervine stick is a pet peeve of mine.


This post is participating in Friendly Fill-Ins, which is hosted by McGuffy’s Reader & 15andmeowing – on Thursdays, they asked these 4 fill in the blank questions:

1. I wish _____________________________ would come back in style.99df57c83891005a0ddaa69294a44b8a

2. I always have _____________________ in my purse (or wallet for men).

3. I think that I_____________________.

4. _____________________ is a pet peeve of mine.


20 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Fillins

  1. we need to get some silvervine! It has been awhile. You are so right about education lacking the reason and purpose of things. Sorry that I am late, I could get an excuse/note from my vet, if needed. HUGS!

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    1. It’s botanical name is Actinidia polygama. As the name silvervine suggests, it is a vine, and I guess that to humans, it appears silver because of all the small white flowers. It is used in China and Japan instead of catnip and let me tell you, it is MUCH better than catnip! (Frankly, I could care less about regular ‘nip.) I get mine through Cat-a-bliss, alas, Miss Kiara doesn’t have any at the moment. I also don’t know if she sells overseas and/or what would be required for her to do that.

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  2. Hi there on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. This is great post, you mentioned my name, and mom said suddenly, oh they are coming here to visit us, wellcome. And I said, please dont send your photo, if you want them to come, because I am sure they are all afraid of gray monster. Mom, dont, stoppp….

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    1. Your mom can’t be grayer or more of a monster than Saphera… As I answered my two questions, I was thinking of you, my dear brofur, because we are working on Xander’s next adventure and he will be visiting Kosmo Al-Hakam – Crete/Greek Islands’s high Purrtector… want to guess what Purrtector Kosmo looks like?!? (And if you think he has a white tip on the end of his tail, you are correct!) =^.^=

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      1. I’m glad that you aren’t upset about us basing a character on you. We do that a lot. For instance, Matsu and Mingus were cats mom had in college & Sharky was a boat cat they met in the Bahamas.

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      2. As I said, great, thank you, it is very exciting. My name comes from a word kosmonaut, an astronaut in russian, because when I came to this house, mom took me at her lap and walked from house to house asking if they know me, but nobody had seen me before. She tried to find my home, but without any result. So she said that this cat has arrived from space and so she named me Kosmo, because Astro with three consonants is difficult to say here.
        Thank you and good bye!

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    1. Summer, you need to encourage your staff to check out catabliss (their shop is on etsy) We have our staff acquire our sticks and blends from them due to organic + freshness. =^.^=


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