Skywatch with Mr. M

Dear Furiends,mtele

I discovered a great site via Pinterest, which has 42 informative jpgs…. Fact #6 has interesting information about all about mathematics of comparing the moon and sun.

Keep an eye on the sky, my furiends,

Mr. M  =^.^=




9 thoughts on “Skywatch with Mr. M

    1. That is my intention…. in our family, munchkins get home schooled until they are ready for Jr. High. Education is ver important and one of the things we furry professors try to do is teach our students how to see what is going on and think. Obviously, other things are very important, too, but I truly believe that learning to think (vs. memorize answers for some test) is very, very important. =^.^=

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      1. Learning to think vs. memorize is an incredible skill to possess! In high school, I memorized and by the time I got to advanced accounting, I recognized the value in learning how to understand the theory and be able to think through problems vs. just memorizing all the entries. Well done!

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