Book Review. Purranoia by Jeanne Foguth.

PHOTOFINLAND. Фото Финляндия.


Xander the Hunter, one of Catamondo´s Purrtectors, receives a message from Haiti. Purrsey Lourdes, Purrtector of Haiti, tells that her country is in revolt. She needs help and advice how to keep peace on her jurisdiction.

Xander reads her message for the tenth time, and recollects how beautiful eyes she has. So who can say no, and Xander sails with Whispurring Winds to Haiti.

There starts an adventure, dangerous and twisted. Following Xander`s paw prints a reader gets to know Haiti, is`s history, religion, people and it`s animal kingdom and Xander finds out there is now really something wrong, as Purrsay said.

Xander gets new friends and enemies.He learns to know what is wrong and where.  Who is that lovely little girl using a pink flower as a rain hat, why Xander is having a talkative scarf?

Reading this book like an adventure book, I had a feeling I am…

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9 thoughts on “Book Review. Purranoia by Jeanne Foguth.

    1. The series is still growing. Latitudes & Catitudes is a short (and free) prequel. The Red Claw officially begins the series, then Purr-a-noia; The Vi-Purrs and Me-YEOW! … we are currently working on the next story.


    1. Thank you! Purr-a-noia is Xander de Hunter’s 2nd official book (I classify Latitudes & Catitudes as a short story). It is also the book M and I were working on when Purrseidon moved into our home… we didn’t realize it while we were working on the story, but Purrseidon = Mischief.


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