Is There A 9th Planet?

Dear Furiends,lil

I don’t think this has been confirmed, but thought you might be interested in the possibility that our Solar System might have a 9th planet (not Pluto), even though – to the best of my knowledge, it still has not been seen.

Mr. M. =^.^=


12 thoughts on “Is There A 9th Planet?

  1. I was bummed when Pluto was de-planeted. But it’s true that its size doesn’t explain the phenomena that lead to its discovery at the beginning of the 20th century. To be honest, I’m bitter enough over “losing” Pluto as a planet that I’ve not paid much attention to other dwarf planets discovered. One of my many faults 🙂

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    1. We don’t even know exactly what plants and animals are on our own planet. And, you might have noticed there are still blanks in the periodic table, so I figure we aren’t aware of all elements, either. So, it is a bit brazen to head out and explore the universe, but it sure is exciting. =^.^=

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  2. messymimi

    So if it’s big enough when they find it (or if they find it), it’s a planet, right? That means we have to come up with another acronym for remembering the order of planets once it’s named.

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    1. I guess that’s how it works. What I am not sure about is how they can tell it’s a planet vs a planetoid…. and why did it take so long for Pluto to get demoted?!? =^.^=


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