Friday Friendly Fillins

15713064_10207955831709662_30729843_n  1. Snow is a beautiful form of water and I would love the opportunity to play in it, as long as I didn’t need to associate with squirrels.14211934_540119322848542_7526940371425229347_n

2. My favorite kind of soup is chicken – Pop makes whisker-licking good soup!


P1180758 3. When no one is around, I enjoy the peace and quiet.

4. Writing is my passion.

This post is participating in Friendly Fill-Ins, which is hosted by McGuffy’s Reader & 15andmeowing – on Thursdays, they asked these 4 fill in the blank questions:

1. Snow

2. My favorite kind of soup is ______________________.

3. When no one is around, I ______________________.

4. __________________ is my ______________________.



21 thoughts on “Friday Friendly Fillins

      1. Pretty much. Non of Rom’s photos were digital, but we converted the one we use for the cover using a special scanner to convert slides into jpgs. Xander’s pal, Merlin is on the over of Latitudes & Cattitudes – that character was based on my sister’s cat, Wizzard, so – for the most part – the majority of characters I use have their roots in reality. For instance Mischief/Purrseidon. Sir Simon was based on BlackNDecker, etc.

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    1. I am ever so glad someone else understands the true nature of those beastly squirrels! M simply rolls his eyes, like I’m being a dramaqueen about it … in fact, I’ve heard him mutter that exact word. >^.^<

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