About Cats

Dear Furiends,

Dear Furiends,

I found 6 excellent infograpics about cats at Brightside and plan to share one per week with you. However, if you want to see them all, you have the link to the source. 🙂 My brofur and I found these very useful because we take these things for granted. It’s good to know what our human readers understand – and don’t understand, so we can include this in Xander and Mischief’s adventures.

This fifth one clues you in to how to understand how we cats purrfer to interact with people.

Hope you enjoy the infographic,

Purrseidon  >^.^<



14 thoughts on “About Cats

      1. I have noticed that every cat has something different from others that makes him/her special. Kosmo seems to have a big heart for other cats, when my husband brought a hungry cat from our neighborhood to eat in our bathroom, Kosmo was not angry, he was very curious and watched quietly this cat eating.
        We could talk for years of cats…


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