Wordless Wednesday

Dear Furiends,p1200096

Despite the fact that I am busy-busy with my exterior purrtrol, I realized that it would be in my best interest to write this not-so-wordless post and let you know that you should ignore my brofur, if he dares to tell you that I went luny, just prior to last Friday’s lunar eclipse. 

I assure you that I was merely the victim of a case of unfortunate events. Well, purhaps the first thing wasn’t unfortunate – I’ve been trying to learn how to open the front door for months and months and FINALLY was successful.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure exactly how I did it, since the door suddenly swinging backward started me.

I do NOT get started easily, but that door moving in such an unexpected way plus the handle going down certainly surprised me. I leaped free and ran. It is NOT my fault that the staff came in, saw the door wide opened, and panicked. The neighborhood spent hours looking for me. Unfortunately, as I stated previously, I’d fallen victim to a series of unfortunate events. p1190563

I. Ran into the bedroom for sanctuary and hopped into a drawer.

2.Unfortunately, my momentum slammed the drawer shut, effectively muffling my shouts for help.

3. I was trapped in that dresser for hours and hours AND, would you believe that my staff had the nerve to blame me for their worry, after they finally paused to listen to me shout?!?

So do NOT listen to M, if he dares tell you anything else… and do be careful how you get into drawers! Faster is NOT better!!!p1190568

Purrseidon >^.^<

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31 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. Alas, there IS a deadbolt, which is probably why I’ve never been abel to get that door open, previously. The thing is that Saphera can open anything, as long as it’s not locked, so everyone always keep things locked…. until last Friday, which is when the ‘incident’ took place.


      1. Marty the Manx

        Oh bugger, just one little forgotten deadbolt…..Mom remebers those days from when Oskar the Samoyed was alive and could open everything also!

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  1. Oh Purr, How pawful. We’re so glad you’re okay. Sorry your furmily blamed you. Dat’s not right, just not right at all. But hey, ConCats on openin’ da door. We’re sure you’ll be able to figger it out again. Big hugs and good luck

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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      1. Raena: OMC Of course!!! Just cuz ya’ get skeered or even in trubble, doesn’t mean ya stop. Ya’ never know what wonders lie beyond da closed door. MOL There’s only one reall closed door in our house. Sis Dezi says it’s a closet and much disaster lies behind da door. But I’s still tryin’ to find a way in there. I’s will eventually get it figgered out. Now, do you know how to unlock a door. Dat’s all dat’s keepin’ me from openin’ da screen door here. MOL Big huggies

        Luvs ya’

        Raena and Dezi

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      2. Saphera taught me to use my nose on a purrticular pressure point of the screen so its lock would disengage and I could slide it to one side, but I don’t know how to explain this is writing…. wish I could drop by and show you. >^.^<

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      3. Hmmmm Sounds like you might have a different kinda screen door and lock. I’s wish somepawdy could show me. Ya’ know sometimes da man in brown shorts or dat lady dat compurrs me to some grumpy kitty is at da door with a box and mommy can’t get to da door. Ifin only I’s could open it, I’s could get mines paws on those boxes furst. MOL Oh well. Keep tryin’ dat door thing. you can get it open again, I’s sure of it.

        Luvs ya’

        Raena and Dezi

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      4. Our screen door slides on the outside of the sliding patio door, but one must nudge the lock upward before the door will move sideways… that front door swings on hinges, so is much more difficult to master. >^.^<

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    1. Your pets have been trapped in drawers, too?!? Goodness, gracious, I had no idea this was so common, or I would never have chosen one for my bed!…. BTW, I haven’t slept there since my ordeal.


  2. messymimi

    Molly snuggled into a blanket once and we didn’t notice and shut the drawer. She was so quiet she didn’t even call for help, and it took us hours to find her. It’s an ordeal, and i hope you have recovered.

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    1. Yes, it was a horrible ordeal, but I’m mostly recovered …. haven’t gotten back in that drawer, though. It is really, really bad when one’s cozy/safe spot turns on them. >^.^<


  3. Hi Purrseidon, Kosm´s mom here. We had a cat, before our Kosmo, she, Pippi, looked very much like you and she was a master with doors. She was able to open all doors, she jumped to a handle and at the same time kicked the door frame, and open it was. We had to change all the handles to open by lifting them, because we were afraid that she will hurt herself.

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    1. Saphera can open all doors – as long as they aren’t locked. She can even open the sliding patio door. I have been trying to copy her for years and FINALLY manage to open the front door, then that happened! I suspect that I figured out how to open that door ages ago, BUT the staff had kept it locked due to Saphera (she hasn’t figured out how to unlock doors)…. Saphera was in the backyard (shedding) so someone probably didn’t bother to lock that door.


    1. Summer, you have no idea how horrible it was! I haven’t slept in a drawer since then and until that entrapment, I slept in one practically every night, but never, ever had one slam shut!!! >^.^<


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