Skywatch with Mr. M

Dear Furiends, mtele

I discovered a great site via Pinterest, which has 42 informative jpgs…. Fact #5 has me scratching my head and wondering who came up with this and how could they possibly know that a teaspoon of Neutron stars were so dense that they equalled the weight of Earth’s population …. and how do they even know how much this planet’s population weighs? Curious, very curious, but interesting.

Keep an eye on the sky, my furiends,

Mr. M  =^.^=



3 thoughts on “Skywatch with Mr. M

  1. messymimi

    They probably figure an average weight for humans based on a bell curve (i know the average they used to use for figuring doses of medication was 150 pounds), multiply that times the number of people, and use that. As for how they know what the matter that makes up a neutron star weighs, i have no clue.

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