Global Warming vs Ice Age

Dear Furiends,13689603_10206713233525484_764435872_n

Many of you probably know that I do not accept the common ‘global warming’ theory. In fact, I’ve had the feeling our world was heading for another ice age for quite a few years. However, I had no science to base this on, just intuition.

However, I have found some corroboration!!!  A few months ago, after using satellites to examine the heights of Antarctica’s ice sheet, NASA announced that Antarctica is actually gaining more ice than it is losing.  The paper is titled “Mass gains of the Antarctic ice sheet exceed losses” and was published in the Journal of Glaciology.

The belief that our planet is heading toward another ice age has nothing to do with human impact on climate change, though I do admit that several humans should feel guilty about their behavior….   There has been a study of the sun and its activity and how solar cycles impact our climate. It’s based on a mathematical model that shows the sun might “quiet” down in the coming years thus impacting our climate as well.

Interesting possibility, isn’t it?

Mr. M  =^.^=

PS: I still purrfer the moon to the sun




11 thoughts on “Global Warming vs Ice Age

  1. Hi brother M! I have been thinking this, too. This planet has been long before humans came. And it took really thousands of years before we started to make statistics, so it is a very short period of time we can watch and compare. Maybe the earth has long different periods that we have not had enough time to see.

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