Science with Mr. M

Dear Furiends,P1130873

This post is about moons. I know that I post a lot about this topic, but I dearly love to gaze at our ever-46304189699edd60582c6488c1efa2c7changing moon. Did you realize there were than many moons in our solar system? I did, but didn’t realize how many.

I hope you enjoy this infographic below, which I discovered on Pinterest – it lists all of the moons in our solar system and there are more than I ever imagined!

Have a wonderful week, my furiends.

Mr. M  =^.^=




12 thoughts on “Science with Mr. M

    1. Now this is an example of why I’m not 100% certain that infographic is completely accurate … as per my other resources, there are 62 moons orbiting Saturn. The moons of Saturn vary not only in size but also in composition and shape. The largest of the moons of Saturn is the aptly named Titan, more than 5,000 km across and is bigger than Mercury.
      53 or 62, it would still be an amazing place to gaze at the sky. =^.^=

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    1. I purrfer to think of Pluto as a planet, too… I’ve also heard that someone discovered a planet beyond Pluto’s orbit, bit I haven’t had the time to look into that.
      Hope you have a wonderful week! =^.^=


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