Science with Mr. M

Dear Furiends, p1190576

Do you like looking at clouds? I do. I purrticularly adore the fat white ones that look like popcorn (cumulus) …. dark clouds tend to herald bad weather and those wispy clouds only happen with wind … I’m not purrticularly fond of wind, either.

I thought you might enjoy this new infographic, which I discovered on Pinterest… It tells you a lot more about clouds.

Keep an eye on the sky, my furiends,

Mr. M =^.^=



21 thoughts on “Science with Mr. M

      1. There are wonderful lighthouses everywhere: I visited a couple of them in Scotland some years ago.
        Obviously Italy and the Mediterranean Sea are full of lighthouses. Sometimes they are museums open to visitors 😀
        As for US: the Northern/Middle East Coast must be also full of them (I mean, Maine, MS and so on)!

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