Sunday Selfies

Dear Furiends, purrmicroscope

Since my brofur is blogging about science so much, I decided to do today’s selfie with my microscope2microscope…. Orange is my favorite color and it is just the purrfect height see? 

And here is a bridge abutment selfie – do you see how tenderly it is caring for that baby  tree?


Have a wonderful week, my furiends!

Purrseidon  >^.^<

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20 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

    1. M doesn’t think much of my scientific efforts … I’m glad that others think for themselves. IMHO, gardening is science, too. Have a great day, dear furiend. >^.^<


  1. What is lovely to think is that in time nature will circumvent everything that man has ever made. That tree is such a marvelous example of how good nature is. Your selfie with the microscope is lovely, I hope it was testing a new ever lasting Nip variety? purrs ERin

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    1. Alas, I was studying Halo Healthsome treats …. the bonus was that I ate them when I was done examining them. Now that you mention it, next time Ms. Kiara brings a new blend over, I should try and control myself and see what it looks like, first. >^.^<


    1. It is fascinating!!! Master Munchkin has a cute little pocket microscope, that he takes all over. Mine is prettier, but not as portable. …. Of course, M has his telescope and that isn’t very portable by cats at all! >^.^<


    1. Actually, I’d gotten it out to examine the halo treats I was testing for Chewy… couldn’t figure out how they managed to pack that much flavor in them… still haven’t figured that out. >^.^<

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