Halo Healthsome Chicken Cat Treats


Halo Healthsome Chicken Cat Treats are bite sized and Purrseidon thinks that the whole bag should just be handed over. We have been hiding a few here and there so she can hunt them and have the rest locked in the kitty proof cabininet. Mr. M showed no interest after a few bites but that is probably due to his preference to eatting soft things that are bite sized.p1200597

I do not believe Halo Healthsome Chicken Cat Treats had an odor, but my nose has been on strike, so I can not be positive…. In other words,  the generous munchkins gave us cold germs home for Christmas.

 Healthsome treats are prepared with wholesome natural ingredients to provide a nutritious, aromatic and tasty snack your cat will love. Made with real chicken, a p1200611wholesome source of easily digestible protein, fruits and vegetables as a source of fiber, including pumpkin to assist the digestive tract and naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols, Crunchy texture helps clean teeth. And there is no corn, wheat, fillers, or added sugar or molasses, so Halo Healthsome Chicken Cat Treats are much healthier than what we let the munchkins have. (I need to remedy that.) Even peering through a microscope, Purrseidon can’t see how something so small can pack so much flavor.

Disclaimer: As members of Chewy‘s Blogger Outreach Program, we received product for free in exchange for our fair and honest review. Chewy is not responsible for the contents of this post. Purrseidon and Mr. M only shares products and information that the believe are of interest to their readers.

Chewy boxes are the BEST! (both the actual box & contents – while Mr. M didn’t approve of the crunchy texture of the treats, he claimed the box.  I will also note that due to spending his initial years living feral, he has issues with his teeth, thus I suspect that if the treats had been softer, he, too might have approved.) On Chewy’s website you can get supplies for your fur-babies and non-furry pets, too. Chewy always has great prices, and a wide selection of products, plus they provide speedy free shipping for orders of $49.00 or more. They also have reasonable shipping rates for smaller orders. You can set up an auto ship so you never run out of your pets favorites (you can skip, cancel or delay these, too – Chewy’s customer Service is tops).


8 thoughts on “Halo Healthsome Chicken Cat Treats

    1. I think M liked the flavor, but they were a bit tough for his teeth … we suspect the main reason he agreed to become a house cat was due to dental issues and our bribes of soft food.


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