Wordless Wednesday

1408cd34-568d-4d20-a6a1-dcea3dfc1b7aDear Furiends,

I thought you might like these two jpgs, which I discovered on Pinterest. (Please note that my brofur isn’t the only one capable of finding interesting things there.)

Have a wonderful day, furiends!

Purrseidon  >^.^<p1190559


This post is part of Create with Joy’s Wordless Wednesday & Comedy Plus‘ blog hops.

12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. Hmmmm, our house apparently doesn’t smell dangerous because I am often successful getting new furiends to come in. My problem is that my staff is downright rude when it comes to finding strangers inside. You would not believe the fuss they’ll make to put a treefrog back outside! >^.^<


  1. I’ve found mice in the house a couple of times, but I wait for my human to catch them, and then she takes them somewhere to let them free. My human’s boyfriend thinks it’s because I want to be friends with them. My human thinks it’s because I was never taught properly to hunt.

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  2. Haha. Kitty was like that … at about 9 years old, she decided to give mousing a try and promptly knocked off several in a very short time. It was bizarre … maybe she found one in her food bowl? Maybe it was a case of letting them get fat and delayed gratification? Now, Bear? He’d RUN from mice. :p
    ps – looking very cute in your photo, P … were you on patrol?

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