Science with Mr. M

Dear Furiends,P1130873

Today’s info-graphic from Pinterest is about lightening plus I’m including this jpg of a halo around the moon, so you realize that some of the ‘old wives’ were correct. I assure you that during my feral years, I had plenty of opportunity to realize that certain atmospheric phenomena signified things to come. 47b31908-497c-441e-ad39-9d7e46033d87

NOW, on to

the mysteries of lightening, which I suggest you avoid.

Mr. M  =^.^=

PS: did you know that lightening also goes from the ground to air?




13 thoughts on “Science with Mr. M

  1. Hi Brother! Again so interesting. We have here a joke of lightnings, I hope I can tell it to you. So there was a young man telling to an old man that lightnings are born when hot an d cold weathet meets. The old man went to the door of his sauna cottage, and said: I have in sauna about 80 degrees( Celsius) and outside is – 20 degrees, hot and cold weather meets at this door, so here should be quite a show.
    Have a nice day!

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    1. Kosmo, thank you for sharing that story!
      Pops tells of when he was in Alaska and a time when it was – 70 … he went outside with a cup of hot coffee, then threw it out, but nothing except a few freeze-dried particles of coffee hit the ground. I can not imagine any place that cold or dry. Does your weather get that bad?!? =^.^=


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