Wordless Wednesday

Dear Furiends, 15724118_10207957608954092_413080583_n

As you can see, my brofur has come out of his box and reclaimed the lovely nip-mat Ms. Ellen made for him… and he sort of has custody of mine, too… Actually, these photos are of us negotiating propurrty rights…. He says I am rough on toys and his only basis for that slander is that my nip nanner has a few little holes in it, whereas his still looks new. IMHO, this says more about my lifestyle being more exciting, but it’s not worth bickering about. BESIDES, that white fishy with he chewed tail is MINE, not his… It’s not as if I chewed on HIS=PURRSONAL nanner or blanket!!!!

Purrseidon  >^.^<





20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. Do you have any cousins? Our cousins are birds and more dogs, but they are easier to get along with because we don’t live together 24/7.
      Kosmo, my dear brother, are you any good as a mediator? Saphera isn’t, so she avoids us when we’re glaring at each other. =^.^=

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      1. Hi there, I have no cousins. And I don´t know if I am a good mediator. Mom said that maybe, because when dad carries a little girl cat to eat to our sauna, I am not angry, just curious. He lefts the sauna door open, about 2 cm, so I am able to see that poor cat. That girl cat has a home, but not enough food.
        I thinh Saphera is a wise dog, what could she do between two cats?

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      2. Saphera is a LOT bigger than either of us and IF we used claws and she was accidentally in the middle, her fur is so thick that our claws would never penetrate…. Instead, she lives down to the ‘fear’ in the middle of her name…
        Guess that means that us cats rule.
        That little girl cat sounds interesting, but obviously her staff needs to be educated on food preparation, etc. You own a sauna?!? How amazing! I’ve never known anyone who had one. =^.^=

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      3. Sauna is very common in Finland, every house and flat has a sauna, it is not a spa, just sauna. Sauna is almost a holy place here, about 100 years it was a place to be born and when you died you were washed in sauna. At that time it was a different small building, and sometimes is was also a home until a a house was built. Sauna is for washing, we wash our bodies and our souls, it is a ceremony.

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      4. Sauna has two parts, a room were we wash, of course nowadays we have showers, but earlier water was heated in a big “kettle” with fire. The other room is warm, or hot, there is a fireplace, it is full of special stones and fire warms stones. We sit there, like on the shelve, and throw water on the stones. When it gets too hot, some ones want to go out to roll on snow, or to swim if possible. If you google a finnish sauna you will see old small sauna cottages, and modern, very elegant saunas.

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      5. Dear Sister, I just enjoy the warm sauna, and after the sauna I will take a long nap.
        Dad likes to go out after sauna an roll on snow, but we don’t have snow now at all, so he just walks around. Mom said this conversation was so interesting that she will make a post of a finnish sauna.

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      6. We have other things to deal with besides the cold. I think every place probably has good things as well as not so good. Mom loves the cold. Pop prefers warmth. Guess who won? >^.^<

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      7. I think that each place has wonderful things and bad things. Mom often complains that she can’t grow certain fruits and vegetables because we’re too warm, but IMHO she should pay attention to the pineapples, pomegranates, bananas, citrus and papayas they we do grow. >^.^<

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  1. Wow. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the two of you that close before! I do have to admit that the picture of you with your Nanner is pretty adorable, P. You two just have different priorities … and that’s okay … those differences are what make each of us unique and special 🙂

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    1. Mom always says that she treats each of us differently so she can treat us the same…. she can be very odd. She once tried to explain this by saying that Purr loves water, and I hate it, but love boxes, so to be good to each of us, she needs to let me have’ my box-time and Purr have her water-time, and I do agree with that. =^.^=

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