Skywatch with Mr. M

Dear Furiends,mtele

In Me-YEOW! I managed to sneak in bits of information about flight and the air – trust me, you could never take a test based on the information, but readers will hopefully understand the basic concept.

Today, I’m sharing 3 infographics, which show you the different shapes wings can have + a photo of a flying squirrel, which inspired one scene.

Have a wonderful day, Mr. M  =^.^=






7 thoughts on “Skywatch with Mr. M

    1. There is a short blip on that in Me-YEOW! … different shapes/sizes are good for different types of flight. For instance, you never see birds with short wings soaring high and you never see birds with big wings in tree foliage… this is explained a bit better in the book. =^.^=

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