Science with Mr. M

Dear Furiends,lil

I am sure you have heard of Mr. Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, but have you ever seen a good explanation of it? I love sharing the fascinating things that I discover on Pinterest with you.

Not only does this infographic explain Mr. Einstein’s Special Theory, but it takes it a step beyond….

Enjoy, my Furiends!  Mr. M  =^.^=



12 thoughts on “Science with Mr. M

      1. I know what you mean. For years, until I got a faster digital camera, I took hundreds of pictures of leaves, when I’d been trying to photograph butterflies and birds. Mr. M is rather elusive, too, partly because he avoids camera, but mostly because black is difficult to get a good photo of.

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    1. Sorry, Ms. Ellen! Pops thinks Mr. Einstein should have taken gravity into account and claims it varies… he’s usually correct, but I don’t always understand him, either.


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