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Dear Furiends,

A few months ago, mom and I read Andy Weir’s The Martian … very interesting story. Now that I’m on ‘vacation’ (a.k.a. between novels) I realized the following two info-graphics, which I discovered on Pinterest tweaked my imagination…. Though I fully intend our next novel to be part of Xander’s Sea Purrtector files, I can’t help but be thrilled at the idea of basing a future novel on Mining Asteroids or Terraforming Mars. mrm

Ms. Marcha had a couple terraformed planets in her fabulous Star Trails Series (5 stars, IMHO + family friendly). Ms. Marcha is retired from NASA, and knows her science. She is very sneaky about her writing, too, so while I followed the adventures of the Brightstar family, I also learned a lot about time/space.

Keep well my furiends!  Mr. M  =^.^=




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