Dear Furiends,

Ta-da! – I have finished the box set!!!  I’ve been working hard for a week to format the interior files.  At the moment, The Chatterre Trilogy is only available on Amazon.  (I put my purrsonal stamp on it about a hundred times.)

One would think it would be simple to put 3 currently published novels together in The Chatterre Trilogy, but we wanted to make sure the fonts, alignment, etc. were consistent…. and when close to 700 pages of single-space prose is involved, it took time.

BTW, do NOT let the term ‘box set’ suggest that a box is included … since this is ebook format, there isn’t a blessed scrap of cardboard involved. I’m certain Kazza is as disappointed about this, too.

Individually, each book is $2.99, but The Chatterre Trilogy box kazzas3set is $4.99, which is about half price, It is also enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited Program, so if you happen to be a member of that, you can get it for free! Regardless,  not only do you have the convenience of having all three novels, one way or the other, you can get them for a good price.

I am  confident that Kazza would approve of his photo being on the cover instead of one of the humans. Ms. Kiara, you’ve done a great job!

At the moment, The Chatterre Trilogy box set is only available on Amazon, but if there is enough interest, we will deal with the formatting required by devices, which do not utilize mobi.

Have fun reading, my furiends!

Mr. M  =^.^=



16 thoughts on “Ta-da!!!

    1. I think Kiara did an exceptional job designing the artwork. She is very creative … I also hear that she is currently experimenting with something called bath bombs… and while I admire her creations, the word ‘bath’ concerns me…. hopefully, she does not expect me to test such a thing! =^.^=


      1. Ms. Kiara, what is this that I hear about Catabliss thinking about offering economical cat boxes?!? Is this something like the Bark Boxes Gabe and Lucy get each month?
        IF so, I am certain that M and I want to sign up for this. >^.^<

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    1. These were written prior to Xander’s Sea Purrtector files. They are a combination of Sci-fi and Fantasy, family-friendly and take place on Chatterre (Cat World, except this magical world actually belongs to tigers, who have extraordinary powers.)


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