Dear Furiends,

I just checked Amazon’s Best Seller’s rank and am thrilled to let you know that Latitudes &  Cattitudes is doing very well in all three of its categories. Just look:


This short prequel to the Sea Purrtector Files centers on Xander de Hunter when he is only a rising star on Catamondo’s kick-boxing circuit, with dreams of becoming a Purrtector.

After a match in Seattle, Xander and Merlin search for Cha-Cha. Her trail leads them into the Puget Sound, where Xander must face his biggest fear – water.

I purrsonally want to thank all of you who have already gotten your free copy, because you’ve helped me achieve my dream of getting one of my books into the top ten! … Dare I believe that it could make #1 by year’s end? P1180699

Mr. M  =^.^=



17 thoughts on “Meowser!!!

    1. For certain, I had fun writing it…. I did this one and The Red Claw before Purrseidon moved in and started horning in on my plots… Not that she’s bad. In fact, she’s getting rather good, but it isn’t easy learning to share territory. =^.^=


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