A True Hero

Dear Furiends,1411717342068_wps_5_alaa_an_ambulance_driver_

Alaa is a true hero. But most do not know his name, they simply call him ‘The Catman of Aleppo’.

Aleppo is in Syria and used to look like this:th


Beautiful, wasn’t it?

Unfortunately, humans, who refuse to compromise and insist on domination have done this:

We shall never understand the human capacity for destruction. For obvious reasons, most humans have fled the city. But Alaa stayed. Not only has he stayed, but he is taking care of the abandoned cats.

So, my furiends, this proves that some humans are good and we thought you would like to meet Alaa, a true hero.

Purseidon >^.^<  &  Mr. M  =^.^=


22 thoughts on “A True Hero

  1. Alaa is a saint, but his shelter was bombed recently, and many of the cats and one dog lost their lives. There is a foundation set up to accept donations, but it is hard to reach them.

    We pray that the bombing stop, and that this kind gentleman can continue to get food and water for his cats.

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    1. Meowser! You sound like Mom … she thought Alaa was a wonderful person – even called him the “Mother Teresa of Cats”, which doesn’t make sense, since he obviously is a man…. she also said several not nice things about people who’d left their pets behind, the ones who chose violence and she had quite a bit to say about destroying lives, buildings and cultures…. In fact, she was way to upset about this to post about it, which is why M and I decided we’d let you know about that wonderful hero. >^.^<

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    1. My staff mentioned that, too… I don’t know what is wrong with some humans and/or why they insist on doing such inhumane things. (Some of them make rabid dogs look civilized!) =^.^=


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